our team

We are very proud of the amazing team we have built here at Circus Ipswich, giving young people access to circus trainers, artists, and creatives that have worked around Australia and the world.

Dr Meg Hooper

senior trainer


Meg came to circus training as an adult and fell in love with being strong, learning new ways to express herself and the support from the circus community. Before founding Circus Ipswich, Meg was a student and performer at Vulcana Women’s Circus in Brisbane and performed as a wall dancer in a number of their projects.

Meg is influenced by her background in Education and Psychology to create safe places for our young circus students to take risks and learn new things. Creating a sense of belonging for our students is Meg’s number one priority as she knows this allows students to be their absolute best selves at circus.

Rebecca (Redstar) James-Herbert



Redstar has been a trainer for our Umbrella Circus, Circus Foundations and Street Circus Performance classes since 2020.

Redstar has been involved in the Circus Arts for many years, performing Lyra, Poi and Fire twirling among many other acts!

As a qualified personal trainer, she brings a wealth of experience for building strength and flexibility.

Cody Creighton



Cody is a trainer for our Circus Foundations, Street Circus Performance and Extensions programs. Cody joined us in 2023.

Cody is qualified both nationally and internationally as a coach in trampoline and tumbling. He has spent many years performing as a dancer and gymnast.

Cody’s theatre skills were put to good use as a performing waiter at Draculas.

William Eggleton



Will is a trainer for our Circusfit program and joined us in 2023.

Will is qualified as both gymnastics coach and acro dance teacher and spent 18 months training in ballet and contemporary dance at QUT. Dancing and performing since he was 3, he has performed in music videos, Disneyland and at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

When Will isn’t upside-downing, he loves magic and visual illusions and can be found riffling a pack of cards and making them appear and disappear before your very eyes.

Re Niven

Trainee Trainer


Re is a Trainee Trainer in Umbrella Circus, Circus Foundations and is a performer as part of our Street Circus Crew. Re joined us in 2023.

Re holds formal gymnastics coaching qualifications and in 2024 will start studying a Certificate 3 in Fitness. They have danced for 13 years and trained acro with our very own Will for 7 years.

Joe Gann

Trainee Trainer


Joe is a Trainee Trainer for our Circus Foundations Program. Joe joined us in 2023.

Joe has spent many years within Circus Western in Dubbo, both performing and learning. He brings balance skills to Circus Ipswich including unicycle, globe and stilts.